2018 - 2022

Zaki Wey

ZAKi WEY is Izaac Enciso’s latest music/sound project. Zaki Wey is an exploration through different types of  music production, writing, vocal performance and musical genres whilst exploiting current role models in popular culture using them in a parodic way. In spanish: “un chiste en serio” or “a serious joke”. 

Zaki Wey recounts stories about life in Los Angeles whilst touching current issues such as: racism, capitalism and identity. It is a project where the artist has been expanding his sonic production capabilities taking them to the next level as well as using his untrained voice and the written word as a way of expression of feelings and the absurdity of modern life.

Track List
01. Rof
02. The Black List
03. Kov1d Bryant
04. Zak1wey
05. Atemporal
06. Off Beat
07. Bitter Juice
08. Atemporal DUB
09. The Blacklist Instrumental


• Label  SIE Publishing
• Writer, Producer, Musician:  Izaac Enciso.

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Bonus Tracks

Zak1wey Single

Cover Art by Izaac Enciso

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