I have been invited to collaborate with an image for the 14th issue of Ruperto Carola Magazine from Heidelberg University, in Munich. This participation is a special one for several reasons, first, because my image represents the article “Absolute Science in an Absolute World” written by FRANK ENGEHAUSEN, an article about Philipp Lenard and his controversial and not very successful career as an opponent of Albert Einstein in the Scientific world, and whom was, in fact, the science spokes person of the third reich. Secondly, I am honored to have been selected by KMS team to participate in this highly respected publication, and for the way we have dealt in participating in the publication, being this the first time I license my work to a third party company going through a very smooth process, where all parts involved win. So I send my gratitude to the KMS Team, Ruperto Carola magazine and the University of Heidelberg.

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