José Manuel Enciso González, 1919-2018.


In memory of my Grandfather, a Painter, who was my first teacher in the arts. I am sharing a text I published on my Facebook Page. He was the founder of the Institute of Fine Arts of Zacatecas, México, Consultant to the Department of Culture of our state, an Art and Architecture conservationist, a pictorial chronist, writer, teacher and painter, among other achievements during his lifetime. He was honored by the Governor of the state and received several prices and honors during his enduring career such as Honorary Citizen of Zacatecas City.

Today the great head of the Enciso family said goodbye to us. I'll miss you, grandpa, we'll miss you all! You inspired us all in every way. You were a great friend, great grandfather, great artist, great teacher and above all an excellent person. An extraordinary citizen, who, despite all his deficiencies and circumstances, had a great vision and was able to raise such a large family. We loved you so much, surely you will be calmer now. Thank you for everything, for having been so generous and having open arms for everyone, thank you for having given us time to each one of us, your many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. With him I learned to draw and paint with watercolors as a child, and besides being my grandfather, he was my first teacher in the arts, as well as the teacher of many other artists in Zacatecas, you were great inspiration for everyone and for many people. You managed to strengthen the identity of your family and your city through your work. Whatever I can say, will be very little for the quality of the person you were. Rest in peace.  JOSÉ MANUEL ENCISO GONZÁLEZ.

Watch the following videos to learn more about him and why he was so important for the city of Zacatecas.

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