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The Los Angeles River through the eyes of visual artist Izaac Enciso.

Fifty One Miles is the second photography book by the Mexican creator based in Los Angeles;which documents a journey through this architectural icon of the American city through his abstract aesthetic proposal.

The Mexican artist based in Los Angeles, California; Izaac Enciso released the digital version of his second book on March 21, entitled Fifty One Miles, where he used photography to share an abstract vision of the emblematic Los Angeles River.

During various expeditions on the Los Angeles River, the artist collected translucent objects such as glass, plastic, and water; to experiment with these materials. The result was the creation of 51 personalized filters that he used to photograph with his camera the different environments that run through this water flow that is born in the mountains of Santa Monica, California; and empties into Long Beach on the Pacific Ocean.

Transforming the process into a poetic form of documentation, “like seeing through the eyes of the river”, Fifty One Miles is a unique adventure filled with anecdotes and rare finds, only witnessed on the Los Angeles River.
Izaac Enciso, through the use of abstraction, is inspired by the river for being a benchmark of the cultural identity of this city, not only of its inhabitants who live with it in their daily lives, but also of world artistic expression; Well, this space has been an inspiration and setting for movies, stories and other forms of expression that have also used it as a muse. Also, the artist felt motivated to capture the Los Angeles River with his lens in Fifty One Miles because he conceives it as a metaphor for life, that is, both concepts (life and the river) are paths with a beginning and end; and going through them implies witnessing a mosaic of nuances and colors, as well as inert or inconsolable moments, but also experiences with movement and vitality.

The printed version will tentatively go on sale after April 30 on the and platforms; as well as in specialized art bookstores such as Family Books in Los Angeles, USA; Printed Matter, New York, USA; as well as in the 2022 Art Book Fair Index in Mexico City.

In addition, in autumn 2022, and if the sanitary measures due to the pandemic allow it, Fifty One Miles will be able to be exhibited in person in the city of Los Angeles. Fifty One Miles is a publication of SIE Publishing and is available in digital format on the platforms ( and on

Izaac Enciso has exhibited his work in different galleries in the United States, Europe and China, BANK Gallery, Shanghai; Rubber Factory and Elizabeth Warren Gallery in New York, ONCA Gallery in the UK, among others, and his work has been published in fine art catalogs, international magazines and trade journals around the world.

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