BR is my first environmental project, where I ironically modeled a series digital rocks that seem to find balance, when in most cases they couldn't likely find balance within themselves.

My aim was simply to depict the absurdity of the notion that capitalism based in the free market and consumerism would find their own equilibrium. It looks at supply and demand of natural resources making reference to the principle of scarcity, and it also looks at the development of technologies that help create a sustainable life.

In BR I make a comentary about how humans still think in ‘One Way’ forms of production; where natural resources are extracted from the planet, and expect the planet to replenish itself from them, or finish until they are gone with out doing anything baout it. BR looks at capitalism, consumerism, global warming and the technological and scientific advancements that help us fight the current crisis.

The following 3D modeled rocks are texturized with images of natural disasters that refer to climate change, and images of scientific advances that help promote the sustainability of our environments and ecosystems.

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