Axidens is a graphic art project which results of my experimentation with Synesthesia, a reflex from colors and forms stimulated by sounds. 
These synesthetic experimentations continued with an analysis of the things I have done right in them or that felt good, in order to develope newer pieces.
Originated from simple notebook sketches and transformed into colorful computer graphics, Axidens is the result of an experimental process which ends up with physical pieces that respond to sounds as a primary stimulus.



While I continued to reflect on my frist Synesthetic drawings and how they could be better visually, I realized that to reduce complexity I needed to focus only on the parts of the drawings that I liked, and zoomed-in to create new works from such sections. The new works were simpler and the forms had more flow. I continued to elaborate more on these simpler drawings and created  kind of a puzzle game while making them, which in many cases it simply turned into happy accidents. 


PART 1 - 2012

Synesthesia is the first part of  Axidens, and it consists of a series of drawings that were the result of guiding a pencil through a piece of paper as a reflex to the sound of made up words, humming sounds and while listening to music I had recenly finished. When humming a sound, or when a made-up word was pronounced out loud or heard it in silence, I started drwaing. I continued to draw lines within a frame and filled  the spaces with color accordingly, resulting in a series that I later called Synesthesia.

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