Art Leasing

Art Leasing has become a popular choice for private and commercial entities looking to display fine art without the costs associated with purchasing the artworks outright.

You can enhance the value of your environment by incorporating original artworks into your space. Real estate developers, interior designers & architects, hospitality groups and corporate offices understand that art creates iconic environments and spaces and inspires all who are in presence of great artworks. Art leasing then allows you to enhance the value of your property and collection in a financially affordable way.

If it happens that when you have fell in love with a certain artwork in situ, and do not want to return it at the end of the leasing period, you can extend the lease. Alternatively, purchasing it is an option, with some of the leasing costs deducted from the price of the work.

By leasing an artwork, a tailored consultation on your leasing inquiry will be held person to person to discuss the details such as leasing terms, costs and any further requirements to further assess the security of your location, advising on any improvements you could make, and ensuring that both the artwork and your security are assured. We’ll take care of your delivery and installation so your leased artwork is ready to be enjoyed in its new home.

For more information about leasing an original art work by Izaac Enciso please contact us and we will be happy to guide you through the leasing process and contract.

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